Questions for the Friday Session


    The objective of the session is not to provide a list of possible answers to the questions posed. It is to provide a framework of the models you think would be relevant to answering the question, the data you think would be needed and the econometric issues that are going to arise in addressing the issues.


    So an answer is likely to have a model, a set of (actual or desired) data and econometric issues. Some of the questions (not all) have relevant data from the course which you should use. If you bring in other relevant data that would be excellent.


    If any of you have PhD questions or data that links to any of the questions posed then please introduce that into the discussion. You will need to choose the most relevant group for you if you do have such data.


    Group 1 Questions


    How is poverty linked to processes of income formation?


    Who are the poor and why are they poor?


    How does the price of labour link to access to land and access to human and physical capital?


    Group 2 Questions


    How are differences in income at the level of the individual or household linked to differences in productivity at the farm or firm level?


    Why do we observe differences in productivity levels between urban and rural areas?


    What are the implications of the answers to those questions for macro modelling of the determinants of income?


    Group 3 Questions


    Is microcredit a means of reducing poverty?


    Is a focus on households the means to understand how poverty can be reduced?


     How is poverty linked to access to wage employment?


    Group 4 Questions


    How is the shape of the earnings function related to the determinants of inequality?


    Will investment in education lead to a reduction or an increase in income and/or inequality?


    How is the firm size distribution linked to incomes and inequality?


    Group 5 Questions


    What has been the pattern of changes in income distribution across the world?


    What can account for these changes?


    What can explain the growth of inequality within countries?